Steven Mills was born on the 10th December 1997 and lives in London, he does daily broadcasting and has gained over 60,000 fans on Instagram.

He started gaining his fan base from Younow and started getting a lot of followers on Instagram , Twitter and Snapchat.

Steven brought out his merchandise to try and inspire people. Steven has been through bullying throughout his life and still has bad anxiety. With his motivational tweets and snaps he has increased his fan base even more and even has a YouTube video on "how to deal with bullies"

He features on and is ready to help anyone whenever they need help through his kindheartedness. Steven puts quotes on his hoodies so when people wear them they can have confidence and feel good about them self. Steven believes that no one should ever feel worthless or bad about them self because everyone in this world has something they are good at.

He likes to sing in his free time and does various meet and greets because he loves to interact with new people and loves getting to know them

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